About our blog

We started this blog so friends and family far away could keep up with what we are doing. There are 7 of us who may be contributing to the blog over time – Mom, Dad, Chris Jr., Mason, Sarah, Alexandra, Kate, and Claire.

Comments on: "About our blog" (2)

  1. It looks great. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi,

    this is actually not the right place to ask, but I must have overlooked other contact options :-). So you might delete this comment.

    My name is Tom and I’m a student of information technology from Dresden, Germany. I am about to finish my diploma thesis about light scattering in snow in the field of computer graphics. While looking for some example images I found the following beautiful one, made by (I think) one of you:

    Follow the Christmas colors

    I’d like to rebuild this scene digitally for use in my thesis and would like to show your real image for comparison. So: May I do this with your permission?

    And, by any chance, can you tell me whet kind of light were used in this (i.e. what power they have)?

    Thanks in advance, cheers,

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